Broker Services: Product FAQs

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  1. Are your products limited to covering businesses and individuals in New York State?
  2. Are your products limited to business owners or do you have products for employees/individuals?
  3. Do I simply become appointed with CAI or am I required to be appointed by each carrier that I write policies with?
  4. Do I have to pay to use your quoting software?
  5. Do you offer continuing education courses needed to renew my Life & Health license?
  6. Do you offer marketing and sales support?
  7. What sort of client/case activity reporting do you offer?
  8. What is the "On-Line Case Manager" and how do I access it? Is there a cost to me for using it?
  9. I notice CAI is in the Long Island area... do you have products that cover all areas of New York State?
  10. At what frequency are commissions paid?
  11. Is direct deposit service available for my commission payments?
  12. Can I arrange for a split or shared commissions scenario on certain cases?
  13. Are there agent-incentive/bonus programs?
  14. My agency supports many sub-agent producers and I'd like to manage their commissions - can CAI arrange to pay me a lump sum for all my sub-agents?
  15. Do you provide in-office training on the products you offer?
  16. Do you/will you service my clients if they call looking for assistance?